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which aims to create a creative space of reflection and expression dedicated to young people, using the specific means of theatre art (developing stories, expressing them through various forms of language, including movement or video art etc.) The main target group of the project are teenagers aged 15-19, to which we add the communities they come from, artists interested in connecting their creativity with the urgencies of society, the media, local authorities, theatre audiences and so on. We aim to stimulate the young people’s imagination, the capacity of self-expression and interrelation through theatre, to widen their horizon of expectation for their future careers, to encourage them to be part of new professional artistic products, while approaching important issues such as tolerance and exclusion, abandonment, violence and so on.


This film documents the entire process.

SAY IT NOW! brings together two different cultural backgrounds, the Romanian and the Norwegian one: as a result of the project 16 teenagers from different social backgrounds were directly involved in 4 creative workshops. Together with the stage director and four of the theatre’s actors, several stories were developed by the young people themselves, later artistically capitalised on by the stage director and  dramaturge. Among the project’s results are 1 completely new theatre text, 1 theatre performance included in the repertory of the Timisoara National Theatre, one film documenting the workshops, an awareness campaign developed in the media, on the theatre’s website and theatre’s social media, and a workshop created as partnership between the Oslo National Academy of Arts and the West University Timisoara, aimed to make our research findings known to a wide audience in Romania and Norway.
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~lucrare de licență/visual art /experimental/documentary license degree~

post communism in Eastern europe

now part of the European Union.

A film between documentary and experimental about finding a social solution among spaces and buildings left in desolation in Eastern Europe through the social-economical transition from a communist totalitarian regime, which has massively urbanized and industrialised the lifestile, to a capitalist democratic state. Supported musicaly by local project band by Kooperativa & Posturban Invaders - two audio-visual concepts in wich I was involved, and drone orchestra by Deaf Center, a very much favourite of mine.

Dubioza Kolektiv: your ignorance is their power!

video interview with Vedran and Armin from Dubioza Kolektiv.

Timisul spune NU Fracturarii Hidraulice!


Making Of Timishort Film Festival 2013

Making Of Timishort Film Festival 2011

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